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Tax Planning

Guidance for Your Tax Situation

With each passing year, the tax laws become more and more complicated in spite of ongoing rhetoric from our politicians that the Internal Revenue Code needs to be simplified.  As such, we're all faced with not only having to prepare and file our income tax returns each year; we're also tasked with conducting our affairs throughout the year with an eye toward what type of impact our day-to-day activities and decisions may have on our tax situation. 

Some people may feel wholly uncomfortable when it comes to handling tax matters.  Others may be more comfortable but simply do not have the time to devote to it or simply view the whole process as a chore that they'd rather not have to worry about.  Our goal is to alleviate these concerns for clients, and give them the peace of mind that this is being handled for them.

We annually prepare the various individual federal, state and local tax filings for each of our wealth management clients.  In addition, we are available throughout the year to assist clients with tax questions as they arise, and to advise clients regarding the tax consequences of various situations that they may face.