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We provide prudent

and exceptional financial

counseling services that

empower clients to achieve

peace of mind.

Many of you reading this are successful business owners, executives, and professionals from varied walks of life. Others are perhaps family members that have been charged with the stewardship of inherited family wealth. You've likely worked very hard to get where you are and have been very good at what you do. Perhaps you've come to this site because you seek financial advice and counsel, or perhaps because your financial situation has come to the point where it requires more of your time than you are able to devote to it.

I've observed that when choosing a financial advisor, people generally desire to achieve a couple of very important goals. I spent a substantial portion of the early years of my career at large, multi-national financial services institutions. What I found is that many people are attracted to the experience and resources that such institutions offer; but due to the size and bureaucracy inherent in the large firms, they find that they are "only a number" and are often disappointed with the lack of personalized service that they experience. Even worse, they often find that the goals of the large firm may sometimes be in conflict with their own personal goals.

In founding DBK Financial Counsel, our goal was to provide clients with the level of experience and resources that they desire while combining it with specialized, personal service and independent, objective advise. We are a fee-only wealth management firm. We are not paid commissions or any sort of additional compensation based upon selling a particular product or service.  Our "product" is our advice. Moreover, the foundation of our firm is based upon relationships. As such, it is of paramount importance to us that we get to know our clients and their families personally. It is our belief that it's impossible to truly understand a client's goals without first getting to know the clients and their families on a personal level. If this type of relationship is what you've been looking for, we understand and would love to have the privilege of helping.