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Frequently Asked Questions

What will DBK do for me that I can’t do myself?

The truth is that many financially savvy people CAN manage their investments themselves if they had the time necessary to devote to monitoring their investments and the discipline needed to adhere to a well thought out asset allocation plan. The fact is that most people just don’t have that kind of time available and even if they did, many often allow the emotions of riding the market ups and downs to dictate their investment strategy. Moreover, a person’s overall financial strategy involves much more than simply investing. We bring a holistic approach to the planning that we do for clients. We incorporate investment management with tax planning and we do it in a disciplined way. We understand market cycles and have experienced both significant market upturns and downturns. We help clients dispassionately adhere to their target asset allocation strategy, reminding clients of their overall goals and objectives along the way.

How is DBK different than other financial advisory firms?
How does DBK get paid?
Is DBK subject to an ethical standard and how does it protect me?
Who has custody of my assets if I am a DBK client?
What type of client could benefit from DBK?
If I am a DBK client, what does my client experience look like?
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