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Estate Planning

Keep Your Legacy Alive

Thinking about end-of-life issues, and planning for the transfer of wealth to future generations can be unpleasant and perhaps even daunting.  You may be struggling with who to give your assets to at your passing and in what manner.  Additionally, if you're a business owner, you may be struggling with how to transition the management or ownership of the business to a key person. 

We're uniquely positioned among wealth management firms.  Because we have staff with extensive estate planning experience, we assist wealth management clients with the architecture of their estate and business succession plans.  We assist clients with constructing a comprehensive statement of net worth to guide the planning process.  We then put together various recommendations for clients to consider and act upon. 

Additionally, because we have an extensive network of attorneys in the area that we work with, we are involved with the process from start to finish as we work with an attorney that the client selects to prepare the necessary legal documents.